Have you ever seen the pristine waters flowing out of Glacier National Park, or the sun setting from the Eastern Shores of Flathead Lake? If so, you understand what draws people to Montana. Bill and Anita Leininger understand Montana. They grew up here and were blessed to raise their children here. Their roots run deep with many generations of Montanans in both families. They understand the allure of Montana. They understand that the Treasure State truly is many lands in one–a bountiful variety of countrysides, wildlife, historic and modern cultures. Montanans, native and newcomer alike, still share that old, robust spirit of independence and freedom to play out one’s dreams on this magnificent stage we call the Big Sky Country. It could be said that Montana is a mirror image of the American Dream. When you come to Montana, you didn’t leave civilization, you just found it. In Montana the lessons of old have helped us find new ways to create the elegant comforts of home in this virtually untouched and sensibly protected corner of paradise. And no place does that better than Dean & Leininger Real Estate of Bigfork. Whether your passion is hiking, fishing, boating, white water rafting, skiing, hunting, camping, or just gazing at the magnificent scenery of this stunning area, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Dean & Leininger Real Estate of Bigfork today to find your piece of civilization.